Prive Collection

Prive Collection is the latest collection of fragrances handpicked from the best fragrances, around the world. The word Prive stands for something that signifies your personality. The Prive collection offers fragrances which will make your personality stand out with honor and prestige. You have all the eyeballs when wear Prive by Al Jawaad.

What do you get inside the package?

The package contains an aesthetically curated, disposable and eco friendly containing a bottle of volume of 85ml filled to the capacity. The packed box is packed into a corrugated box which is made from paper derived from scarped paper.

How to apply the perfume?

Spray the perfume on your pulse points and a little bit on clothes as well. This will make them project well and last longer than usual. Also whenever applying the perfume on bare skin, try to moisturize the skin area. This makes the perfume last longer and cut down the chances of irritation caused by perfumes. NEVER rub the perfume on the skin.


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