Al Jawaad set of 2 Perfumes(212 VIP Male and Ch Male prive)


The Al Jawaad 212  Men and CH Male connected with everyone and everything. They cruises the party scene like new royalty, reigning over his new nightlife kingdom. This party king can’t be dethroned. The party boy is a young who likes to have fun. He doesn’t live led by rules. He doesn’t follow party rules. He creates his own. His party, at his way and following his rules. The girls want him, the guys invite him, the party needs him. 212 MALE is an irresistible elixir of seduction… reserved only for those who dare! A signature scent that you will recognize on the dance floor and won’t forget once you leave the party. Gustative, woody and spicy, inspired by the scent and attitude of the most exclusive parties. The bottle is a powerful cut block that high shines in the mysterious darkness. A cosmopolitan state of mind that blends style with a cheerful panache, self assurance and charisma. The fragrances are an invisible accessory, the final touch, the last detail, the perfect balance between comfort and freshness. Classic and timeless, yet modern and intoxicating at the same time, the fragrances define elegance, luxury and passion. Together, He with his passion and presence, her with her grace and modern ease.



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