Nasamatto Black Afghano inspired 10ml Decant


Dark Afgano is a smoky, syrupy, rough and very strong fragrance that definitely belongs to the range of dark and strong  Al Jawaad perfumes. It is Alessandro’s intention through the project  to share his personal passion for perfumes and enhance your awareness of the impact of your olfactory senses.

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Black Afgano is meant to smell like hash.
It’s been described as ‘a quest to arouse the effects of temporary bliss’, a piece of nonsence clearly written by somebody who’s never pulled on a roach.
Black Afgano does smell hash-like but it’s a perfumey rendition of the thick, dark green, bitter-resiny smell of black. It may smell like hash, fair enough, but it absolutely doesn’t smell like the feel of getting stoned; it’s patently absurd to equate the smell of a drug with it’s effects.

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