The best in the world

Get the best designer fragrances at the price you have never scene. From the best and for being the best. Give it a go. 

50ml EDP’s of the best perfumes around the globe.  We have got this collection just for you.


EDP stands for Eau De Parfum which means perfumes having a ratio of fragrance oil to alcohol and other additives as 1:4. The EDP lasts longer and projects for quite a long time. The EDP’s are good to wear on body as well as clothes since they have a concetentration below critical level that stains the cloth or cause irritation on skin.

What you get inside the package?

A glass bottle of ml volume packed in a corrugated disposable box.

How to apply the perfume?

Spray the perfume on your pulse points and a little bit on clothes as well. This will make them project well and last longer than usual. Also whenever applying the perfume on bare skin, try to moisturize the skin area. This makes the perfume last longer and cut down the chances of irritation caused by perfumes. NEVER rub the perfume on the skin.

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